Beloved Actor David Rees Hospitalized: A Plea for Support

7de Laan's Chris Welman Faces Health Crisis, Family Appeals for Aid

David Rees, the actor best known for his portrayal of Chris Welman in the popular Afrikaans soapie 7de Laan, has been hospitalized following a severe heart attack. The actor’s sudden health crisis has left him in urgent need of a double bypass surgery, a situation that has placed a significant physical, emotional, and financial burden on his family.

Rees’ family is now facing the daunting task of managing his medical expenses without the aid of medical insurance. In response to this crisis, a crowdfunding page has been set up on BackaBuddy, a platform shared by the soapie on their Facebook page. The page highlights the urgent need for financial support, stating, “We come to you with a plea from the depths of our hearts… The weight of overwhelming medical expenses has fallen upon their shoulders, hindering their ability to fully support David’s recovery.”

The crowdfunding page reveals that Rees needs R500,000 for his medical expenses. As of the time of publishing, the campaign had raised R31,000. The soapie has expressed their well wishes for David Rees’ speedy recovery and encouraged the public to read the BackaBuddy page and donate if they wish to help the actor and his family.

The news of Rees’ hospitalization has sparked an outpouring of support and messages of love from fans and friends. Anthea Cronje expressed her concerns for the actors in the industry, stating, “I think the cancellation is terribly stressful on these actors… I pray the SABC renews this soapie. We love you guys.” Dean Kotze encouraged everyone to make a donation, no matter the amount, to ensure David’s full recovery.

David Rees’ health crisis has highlighted the precarious situation many actors face when it comes to health coverage and financial stability. The overwhelming response from fans and the public serves as a reminder of the impact these actors have on their audience and the importance of supporting them in times of need.

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