Benjamin Dube Gets Amused By Fans “Wanting” His Sons

Benjamin Dube is amused that social media users "want" his sons

Benjamin Dube gets amused by social media users “wanting” his sons.

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Mzansi Gospel star, Benjamin Dube did not see his sons being considered hearthrobs coming at all. The inspiring minister got much more than he bargained for when he shared a photo of his three sons.

Apparently, his sons are so handsome that social media users “want” to have them to themselves. After a follower expressed interest in them, the comments section was flooded with drools and the Gospel minister was absolutely amused by it all.

Funniest part was that some wanted all three boys. This is probably the funniest thing on social media right now. We too did not see that coming and we wonder what Dube must be thinking right now.

We kind of love how bold the ladies are these days going particularly for what they want. The boys themselves must be honoured to have caused quite a stir.


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