Benni McCarthy’s Rise From Player To Coach At Old Trafford

South Africa has several footballers who went international with their careers, but only a few of them are remembered or even talked about today. Sitting in the top section of that few is Benni McCarthy.

Not only has he managed to remain relevant in the world of football, but whatever he says usually snags attention nationally. But who would have thought that he would rise from the dust to become not only one of the memorable players from South Africa but a coach in the English Premier League?

Well, that is the reality right now, the one-time Hanover Park player is now coach at Manchester United, one of the top-flight clubs in the EPL. Looking back, it’s more like a dream for Benni himself.

Yeah, at some point, the dream was to play in Europe and that actually happened (after a stint back home in South Africa). But making it as a coach at Old Trafford appears like the ultimate benediction, beyond what he had achieved previously as a player at home and in Europe.

The joy isn’t just his, however. His compatriots are ecstatic that he is now a coach at Old Trafford as well. Indeed, life can be beautiful.

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