Bennifer 2.0 on Course as Jennifer Lopez Announces Engagement to Ben Affleck (Video)

In what would strike many as an exciting love story, actress Jennifer Lopez has announced her engagement to Ben Affleck — again. 

The couple had previously dated and then broken up. It was a tough breakup for Jennifer at the time, according to close associates, because she had hoped things would work out. But fate had other plans back then. 

Both had moved on with their lives and with different partners. But fate still had plans for them. The couple had rekindled their love after Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez failed. 

The singer and actress had dated the sports ace and gotten engaged to him. But their relationship reached rock bottom when it emerged that he’d cheated on her (not physically) with a reality show star. 

At some point, they were thought to be working things out,  but it soon emerged that they were not going on with the relationship. They had released a statement saying they remain good friends and business partners even as they go their separate ways. 

She’d ditched the engagement ring she got from Alex. Ben Affleck had popped into the picture soon after. JLo had announced her engagement in an emotional video. So Bennifer 2.0 is well on course. 

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