Berita Blocks Twitter Trolls Asking Her About Nota Baloyi

Afro Soul artist Berita is blocking Twitter trolls who have been asking about her ex-husband Nota Baloyi.

It is no news that Berita’s marriage to controversial music executive Nota Baloyi is one of the worst decisions of her life. The two have been at odds since the singer announced that she had left him.

He wastes no time to drag her on social media and has even accused her of theft. Berita has tried her best to distance herself from Nota, but that almost seems impossible. The Afro Soul star is prioritizing her peace of mind above all else.

Her new move is to block anyone who mentions his name on her timeline. She shared screenshots of some of the fans she has blocked lately. One asked why she decided to marry and got blocked as a reply. Fans have praised the singer for choosing her peace above all the drama.


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