Berita Exposes Ex-Husband NOTA Baloyi In Explosive New Interview – Watch

South African singer Berita has given some clues into her relationship with her former husband Lavida NOTA, noting how she was abused while they were together.

The songstress recently had a sit-down with Dineo Rana and Sol Phenduka of Kaya FM, where she spilt the tea on her relationship with the music executive, leaving out nothing. Such was the explosive nature of her revelation that it went viral on Mzansi Twitter in no time, putting her relationship in a new light.

Previously, Berita was quiet and NOTA was the one going to town with the dirt of their relationship. He had claimed that she had threatened him with a knife at some point and was being controlled by the Illuminati. He said he had had to flee for his life.

Well, hitherto quiet, Berita had shared her side of the story with Dineo and Sol, totally rubbishing all NOTA had claimed previously. She claimed she was the one who had to run for her life and that NOTA was a dangerous narcissist.

She also claimed that not only was he harassing her privately, but he was also harassing her family as well and at some point, she had to leave the country. You can check out the clip below.

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