Berita Pampered By Husband, Nota Baloyi (Photos)

singer and songwriter, gets some pampering from her husband, Nota Baloyi.

Don’t you just love it when couples show so much love to each other? We all do. Mzansi singer and songwriter, got some much-needed pampering from her man, Nota Baloyi, and she took to social media to share.

On Tuesday, November 2nd, she posted photos of herself on a special spa date. She revealed that the spa date was much needed time to prepare for the month while also announcing plans to drop exciting projects soon. thanked her husband for arranging everything. Now, isn’t that the sweetest thing?

The couple seems to be going strong since they announced that they had tied the knot. has also revealed that she does not involve herself with the issues surrounding her husband’s work. It is nice to see that Nota does not hesitate to spoil his woman.

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