Berita Pays Off Her University Debt After 6 Years

Afro singer, reveals she has paid off her university debt after 6 years.

There is so much that could mean a lot to us even though most people cannot relate. Afro star, recently opened up to her fans about something she recently did for herself. Taking to her Instagram page on Tuesday, March 9, she revealed that she finally paid off her University debt after 6 years.

Now, that’s something. Some would wonder why she didn’t do it a while ago because of her success as an artist. revealed that a lot falls on her shoulders as an independent artist. She revealed that it has made her prioritize a lot of her projects.

She simply called it “sacrifice”. This obviously means a lot to her so we are excited. The “Songs In The Key Of Love” star is yet to reveal her plans for the year, but we are sure she’s poised to take over.

So something special happened yesterday and I decided I was going to share it. It might be random to share this as I have never shared much in this light until now. Yesterday I paid off my university debt after 6 years🙈. See all these years I have prioritized my projects and forgotten to take care of the basics. As an independent artist a lot falls on my shoulder it’s called sacrifice! But 2021 is the year things change, I’ve decided to intentionally get out of debt for good! Today I choose financial freedom, happy #chooseday to you ✨

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