Berita Reacts As Estranged Husband NOTA Calls Her Homeless

It looks like we have entered a new season of drama between controversial music executive NOTA and his estranged wife, Berita.

Just recently, rumours started circulating that the two former lovebirds have made up. The vehicle of that narrative, the blogger Musa Khawula, shared a clip of Berita in a happy mood in a car while speaking to someone that the camera never revealed.

NOTA denied they had made up back then.

This time, he’s claiming that his wife is homeless and has been since leaving her home and their marriage. He also claimed that he took her in when she was homeless and made her comfortable in his house. And although his friends warned him against her and his parents tried to dissuade him from having a relationship with her, he went ahead to marry her and formalised their relationship.

Looking back, it is something he wishes never happened. He claimed that Berita squandered her money on Airbnb and has generally lost her sense, adding that if she wants a house, she knows where to go. He also insisted he never abandoned her; only her parents did. You can check out the tweets below.

Berita denied the claims, though, sharing a splendid view of what she claimed to be her current digs.

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