Berita Reveals She Left Nota And Apologizes To Mihlali Ndamase

Afro Soul star Berita reveals she left her estranged husband Nota Baloyi in January and tenders an apology to Mihlali for his disrespect towards her.

It has been a drama-filled day in Mzansi. It feels like we sleep in the midst of celebrity drama and wake up in the middle of it. And yes, Nota Baloyi is caught in the middle again, just like he always is.

Baloyi is regarded as one of the country’s most outspoken celebs, but sometimes, he goes too far. Baloyi recently commented about beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase and social media has not stopped talking about it.

Nota stated in a recent interview that he does not think Mihlali is attractive the way a lot of people do. He went on to say, “if Mihlali is for sale, that means she’s an object, which means you can kill her if you want to.” He also compared her to a dog that you can put down when you want to.

Reacting to this, Afro-Soul star Berita who was formerly married to Nota, made some revelations about them. She revealed that she has been separated from him since January last year and has kept quiet about it because families are involved. In her own words, her safety has been an enormous concern.

She revealed that Nota is “extremely irresponsible, reckless and unruly.” She further stressed that he “simply doesn’t listen to anyone.” Berita shared that she does not condone his actions and never did. She stated that she was ignorant of the red flags until she married him. She shared that she cannot babysit a grown man.

Berita apologized to Mihlali, saying, “no woman should ever have to be objectified or ripped apart publicly or privately.” She ended by stating that Nota needs help. Nota has shared that he has battled suicidal thoughts but has never been diagnosed with mental illness.

Berita Reveals She Left Nota And Apologizes To Mihlali Ndamase 2

Berita Reveals She Left Nota And Apologizes To Mihlali Ndamase 3

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