“Best Of The Best” – Education Minister Motshekga Impressed With Matric Performance

This year’s matric results were impressive – so impressive in fact that they didn’t escape the attention of South Africa’s basic education minister Angie Motshekga. Acknowledging the milestone, the minister noted that the matric class of 2022 was “the best of the best.”

She has a point, perhaps. After all, the year’s matric rate is higher than what was recorded previously. What’s more, the coronavirus pandemic affected the students who had to face the spectre of intermittent schooling.

Despite the challenges, the student still managed to ace their exams, earning applause not only from the minister but from many South Africans as well.

If you think the exam was an easy walk for every top achiever, you may want to think again. For instance, one of the top achievers, Moeletsi Tladi has recounted his experience preparing for the exam.

According to the Limpopo native, he didn’t expect to make it especially as he faced many challenges and even battled with depression. But at the end of the day, he overcame his challenges and emerged as one of the best.

Now you see why the minister described this set as “the best of the best.” Indeed, in more senses than one, South Africa is winning.

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