Beyoncés Lavish Birthday Bash For Jay-Z In France Ignites Interest

If you have it, flaunt it. That’s a common saying among those who have “it.” It appears like celebrity couple Beyonce and Jay Z were more than happy to follow this path for his birthday celebration.

Both were in France for Jay-Z’s birthday, and they had a blast together. Easily among the richest couple in entertainment, no expense was spared to show their opulent side, a reality that wasn’t lost on those who cared to pay attention.

The birthday began with the uncorking of a ’73 Chateau Petru, which has an R41k price tag. The uncorking of a 1969 Chateau d’Yquem followed suit. This is no coincidence, as the year was aligned with Jay-Z’s birthday. It sells for R19k

Some social media users decided to check out the price of some of the drinks opened on the occasion and were impressed and stunned at how expensive they were. Some who wanted to try them out said they wouldn’t be buying again because it was way beyond what they could afford.

Well, Beyonce and Jay-Z have come a long way as a couple and they continue to grow despite previous cheating on his part. They are pretty lavish when it comes to celebrating each other.

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