Beyoncé’s Message To Fans Seemingly Hints At New Hair Care Range (Photos)

If you are a part of the Bey army, there is a piece of good news for you. You are not exactly going to war against a random troll this time, though. Nope. Your queen Beyoncé has seemingly announced she is setting up a hair care brand.
In a recent post on her Instagram page, where she has an impressive 309 million followers, the pop sensation shared slides. The first showed her in what appeared to be a salon, drying her hair with a dryer.

The second slide showed her daughter, Blue Ivy, all smiles, having her hair done. The third and final slide was the biggest giveaway, as it somehow summed up what she planned to do. It was a written message that clued fans in on her early life and what she learned,

According to Beyoncé, before she became famous as a singer, her very first job was sweeping hair in her mother Tina’s salon, which would expose her to a lot of entrepreneurial women. And when she started singing, she and her friends (Destiny’s Child) got their first start by performing before her mother’s patrons.

Well, she has been creating something of her own, and now she can’t wait for her fans to see it.

Just wait, y’all.

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