Bheki Cele bans dance crazes, says “There is no John Vuli Gate nas’ istocko – there is no stock”

Bheki Cele bans dance craze and says “There is no John Vuli Gate nas’ istocko – there is no stock”.

If you’re looking to join a group of other dancers to do the John Vuli Gate challenge this December, you might just be asking for trouble. Police Minister, Bheki Cele is on the hunt for people who do that this festive season.

In a recent statement, he announced that the dance craze has been banned due to the spread of COVID-19. No jokes. According to him, the deadly virus is back and is still vicious. He also urged people to protect themselves and not allow anyone to break the law.

This thing [Covid-19] is back. It is vicious, it kills, and we want to be with you for a long time, so protect yourselves. You protect yourself by not allowing people to break the law.”

“There are no parties, there is no John Vuli Gate nasi istocko. There is no stock. When people have parties, close them down.”

He went on to announce that there will be no parties either. Some believe that Bheki is taking things too far. City Of Cape Town also claims that the minister’s “bully tactic” might cause the local film industry to lose up to R24million.

John Jabulani

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