Bheki Cele Buried In Jokes & Memes As Curfew Is Lifted In Mzansi

The curfew in South Africa has been lifted, and peeps are not only chuffed with the lifting but somewhat mordant towards Bheki Cele, the police Affairs minister.

As early as Thursday, the minister was adamant that the curfew was still in place and will not be lifted. He’d also noted that the police was on high alert and would arrest anyone caught loitering.

Around that period, too, South Africans had been calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to lift the curfew so that people will usher in the New Year.

The government did hearken to the words of the people, and was caught unawares. With the curfew lifted a d people free to come out and mingle, Bheki Cele became a subject of jokes on Mzansi social media, with many people calling others to check on the minister to be sure he’s okay.

By the way, besides initially insisting that the curfew would not be lifted, the minister had personally supervised the destruction of illegal alcohol. His actions irritated and amused some people, who ended up calling him the minister of alcohol.

Well, it remains to be seen how long the government will relax the curfew before eventually starting the bolts and bars game all over again.

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