Bhutan X Inkabi Zezwe Capsule Collection Unveiled By Big Zulu & Sjava

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It is almost traditional these days for celebrities to release merchandise to celebrate their band and milestones in their lives and careers. And, usually, fans look forward to them.

South African rappers Big Zulu and Sjava are among those exploring the borders of merch to oil their relationship with their fans. The two, who recently formed a collective and are now being addressed by the same, Inkabi Zezwe, long promised a collaborative merch release.

The wait for that appears to have ended as the friends have just unveiled what they promised – a capsule collection. The design was made in collaboration with Butan

In a joint post, Butan and Inkabi Zezwe showed off some of their designs, as well as sharing a few words on the making of them. You can check out some of the posts below.

One thing that cannot be missed so far is that the designs happen to blend elements of the Zulu culture into its artistic tapestry, with leopard prints and all.

Some of the items from the collaboration collection can be gotten for free. For others, the price range reaches up to R1099. Well, if you are a fan of Inkabi Zezwe, you may want to check out what they have just put together.