Bianca Naidoo Details Last Conversation With Riky Rick

People pass away, and for some of those they were close to, their last words become what to live by as the waters of memory pour all around them.

And that’s exactly the case with Bianca Naidoo, Riky Rick’s love. The rapper, who died by suicide earlier this year, is still fresh in the mind of the woman whom the Rainbow Nation knew as his “wife.” And now, she has given glimpses into their relationship, noting his last words to her.

During a recent interview, she had spoken about the “Boss Zonke” rapper’s last words to her. According to Bianca. They had a conversation that lasted about five hours, during which they touched on several aspects of their lives and relationship, including their young family.

She would describe the experience as beautiful while also noting that it brought her great serenity following the rapper’s death six months ago.

Riky Rick’s suicide shook the music industry, and many were dumbfounded because no one saw it coming. And the effect of his passing is still being felt in the industry.

By the way, Bianca Naidoo is locked in a legal battle to be appointed as the executrix of Riky Rick’s estate, her man having died without a will (intestate).

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