Bianca Naidoo Remembers Late Husband Riky Rick With A Tattoo Of Him (Video)

She isn’t exactly your tattoo lady – one with multiple inks on her body – but Biance Naidoo wants to honour her husband, Riky Rick, in a new way. So she got a tattoo of his visage on her arm.

The tattoo shows the late rapper covering one of his eyes with his hands. The clip elicited mixed reactions from social media users.

Some commended her gesture, thinking it another way to always remember her husband. Others question her decision to have her late husband’s tattoo, wondering if she wouldn’t be with another man later.

Last we checked, she hasn’t responded to those commenting about her tattoo and wondering why she did it. She did what she wanted to, and that’s that.

It’s been four months since Riky Rick’s death from suicide. The songster had hanged himself in his studio early on February 23, sending shockwaves across South Africa’s entertainment universe.

Some fans wept; others held concerts in his memory – a testament to their love for him while he traversed the material plane. Fortunately, the music festival CottonFest, which he founded, continued even without him.

Of course, the music scene is seriously missing the “Boss Zonke” hitmaker and probably always will. So long, Riky!

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