Bianca Naidoo’s Battles Continue Over Riky Rick’s Death Intestate

These are certainly not the best of times for Bianca Naidoo, the partner of celebrated South African Riky Rick, who died earlier this year. Besides the tragedy of losing her man, she’s also contending with the spectre of fighting for his estate.

Riky Rick died intestate (without a will), and Bianca has approached the court to be appointed the executrix of his estate. However, there is a little logjam in her case because, although the two have lived together for years and have children, they were not legally married.

However, in presenting her case, Bianca insists their parents were well aware of their relationship and saw them as married. More so, they had a system of financial interdependence from when they agreed to come together up to the point of the rapper’s suicide.

Continuing, Bianca noted that she had been performing administrative duties for her many, too, even before his musical career became the success it had later. She also pointed to the fact that Riky Rick called her his wife in public space.

She had taken Joburg Master of the High Court and Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to court for denying her access to Riky Rick’s assets. In whose favour will the court rule?

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