Big Brother Mzansi’s Themba Broly Allegedly Survives A Hit – See Bloody Video

Did reality show star Themba Broly just survive a hit? Well, he indicated just that in a clip of him shared online. In the said video, he could be seen injured and bleeding. This, expectedly, raised great concern among South Africans as they asked about his well-being.

He shared the clip showing him injured on his X account. In the clip, another man (probably a friend or associate) could also be seen injured and lying on a stretcher while people (doctors) attend to him.

Themba’s caption stated that “they” want him dead without naming who “they” are. While he insisted what happened was a hit, there is currently no corresponding take from the authorities. But it is expected the authorities will look into the case soon.

For now, details about the incident leading to his injuries are still pretty sketchy. You can check out his post below.

A post from X user with the name Khothinto named someone whom he stated saved Themab’s life after hitmen struck.

South Africans are still trying to process the whole incident, with some expressing gratitude that Themba was only injured and not killed in the incident. Hopefully, he recovers quickly and gets back to business as usual.

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