‘Big Brother Mzansi’ Fans React to Jareed, Mpumi, Liema’s Polyamorous Relationship

Fans and viewers of Big Brother Mzansi have reacted to housemates Liema, Jareed, and Mpumi’s ongoing Polyamorous relationship.

This season of Big Brother Mzansi has been shocking to watch. While their have been amazing partnerships and friendships among the housemates, fans have been stunned to follow some unexpected events happening in the house.

This, of course, is the blooming polyamorous relationship between three housemates, Liema, Jareed, and Mpumi. Viewers were stunned when the ladies were seen kissing Jareed and not having an issue with each other. They also shared a bed together, sparking so much conversation online.

Not too long ago, Liema trended for her outburst when Els kissed Jareed in front of her. She got so angry and threatened to unleash hell. Fans called for her disqualification, but Liema has since apologized to the two housemates. Still, the viewers don’t think her apology was genuine.

Fast forward to now, Liema, Jareed, and Mpumi are currently in an open relationship, which they seem comfortable with. Viewers have reacted to it on X. Some asked,

“When did we arrive to sharing beds?”

“Doing this on national TV and not getting anything at the end is quite embarrassing, you entertained the nation but at what cost?”

Some have also questioned if that is what the show has become about.

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