Big Buzz As Man Crashes R30m McLaren Senna Trying To Impress People

A joke making the rounds online right now is that people shouldn’t try to show off while behind the wheels of a supercar. the basis for it all was a recent accident involving a bloke in a supercar who tried to show off.

Dateline. Los Angeles, California, United States. In a clip making the rounds online, a drive could be seen behind the wheels of an R30m McLaren Senna. He spun the car, seemingly in an attempt to impress some people on the streets, who appeared to have gathered to watch.

He appeared to have lost control of the vehicle and ended up careening out of the road and into a Lexus dealership, where it eventually stopped. suffering some damages on its hood. The clip cut there.

That moment elicited mixed reactions from netizens, with some of them pointing out the sheer folly of being careless with a car with such monstrous power.

It is unclear who the driver of the car is, but they surely caused a serious buzz online with that failed stunt. By the way, the McLaren Senna is just one of the 500 ever made, meaning it is an exclusive ride and only for those with deep pockets.

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