Big Hash Says He Has Big Plans For 2022

SA Hip Hop star, The Big Hash has revealed he has big plans for 2022.

Stop what you’re doing right now! The Big Hash is coming. The talented Mzansi emcee has shared some of the plans he has for 2022, and they seem huge. Of course, his plans have to do with his music.

2021 was a trying year for the “Right Now Reloaded” star. While he was mostly in court trying to save his art, he started his own label, DevoEntity and set off on an independent journey. Of course, everyone would agree that that solo journey has paid off in many great ways.

Fans waiting for Hash to drop his highly anticipated album “Heartbreak Hotel”. When that didn’t happen, he released the EP “Aries: A Precursor To Heartbreak Hotel”. And yes, the EP has been a success since it was released. Now, he has shared plans to pull off the biggest comeback of 2022. Watch this space.

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