Big Nuz Returns… Recording New Song Now…

At the height of its power, Big Nuz was one of the top bands in South Africa, wooing the rainbow Nation with hits. And then the group had dissolved, each member pursuing a solo career.

That was many years ago. Each member had gone on to a successful solo career. But diehard fans of the group have been clamouring for the group to return – or at least release a reunion track.

It appears good news is in the corner right now, as and Danger, two of the three artistes who make up the group, are heading to the studio again alongside DJ Tira, whose rcord label managed the group years ago. The third member of the group, R Mashesha, is now late.

In a recent interview with SundaySun, said he cannot shy away from the fact that people like the group, so a decision was made to bring th group back again. He added that members of the group started out as brothers and therefore cannot give it up easily.

He added that they had to keep the legacy of the group as well as respect the memory of its late member R Mashesha by continuing.

What do you think of the reemergence of the group?

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