Big Sean Says It’s Hurtful For People To Associate “IDFWU” With Naya Rivera’s Death

reveals it’s hurtful for people to associate “IDFWU” with Naya Rivera’s death.

Rapper, is still trying to process the death of his ex-fiancé, Naya Rivera who passed a few weeks ago. The “Bounce Back” rapper was previously in a highly publicized relationship with the late actress. Following their breakup, Sean released the hit “I Dont F**k With U” which people believed was a shot at Naya for their failed romance.

Now, he has revealed that he wouldn’t have released the song if he knew things would go this way. Following her death, Sean shared a post on honouring her memory. While many sympathized with him, some dragged him for the song, which was associated with her death.

In a recent interview with Vulture, the “Blessed” rapper called people associating the song with her death “hurtful”. According to him, the late Glee star knew about the song and approved of it before it was released. He also revealed that it was never about her.

He also stated that it was bad to see how much the song has been linked to her, with all the great things she did with her life and career. He said;

She’s made such an impact on people, and she’s done so many great things in her life and her career that it was hurtful to even have that [song] be associated with her. It wasn’t a diss to her. I truly made the song and played it for her. She knew about it, and she liked it.”

“We had a breakup that was very public, and we were young and we forgave each other and moved on from that. If I would have known something this tragic would have happened, I would have never made the song,”

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