Big Surprise Over News Sir Trill & Nkosazana Daughter Are Dating & Have A Child Together

Many South Africans didn’t know that they were together, so it was a big surprise to many of them when the news popped online that singer Nkosazana Daughter and Sir Trill had welcomed a baby together.

Many South Africans are like, How? When? Even some people who pride themselves in knowing what is going on in the entertainment industry before they make it to mainstream media are wondering how the couple managed to pull this off.

A Twitter user called The Instigator had shared several pictures of the couple together while also registering his surprise that despite being an informed force in the country’s entertainment industry, he was actually unaware the singers were dating and even having a child together. You can check out the post below.

His sentiments were shared by several South Africans in the replies to his post, as well as in comments. Some tweeps even joked that the coming together of the two musicians is good for the industry, as they would most likely give birth to children who might end up following their paths in music.

Neither of the two have confirmed anything though. But if they are together and have gotten a child as well, congratulations are in order for them.

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