Big Xhosa Getting Married In 2024

It appears like the wedding bells have begun ringing for South African rapper Big Xhosa. From his controversial bars, it appears like the Rainbow Nation might now dance to the news of mjolo.

With the New Year also came new plans for the songster. In a move that surprised and pleased his fans in equal measure, the songster announced via a pot on Facebook that he is getting married.

He gave no timeline for that, however. Year, there were no details besides the announcement that he would leave the singles club this year. Still, the message was clear and fans were excited for him.

With the formal announcement, all eyes are now peeled for when he would make the big announcement – that od his wedding date. Given his current position in South African music, it should create a lot of buzz.

Big Xhosa rose to fame a few years back after dissing alsmot every famous name in South African music in a single. The number reverberated for a while and ultimately led to a diss storm of sorts.

Anyway, not much is heard about the song these days, but Big Xhosa’s name still buzzes sporadically across the music universe.

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