Big Xhosa Warns Nota To Keep His Distance

SA Hip Hop star Big Xhosa has warned Nota Baloyi to keep his distance anytime he sees him.

Since his rise to fame, Mzansi rapper Big Xhosa has proven that he is one not to be messed with. Xhosa dropped his “Almost Time” EP, and the fans have been feeling it. However, he’s had to face off a lot of trolling by Nota Baloyi and he’s finally had it.

Big Xhosa appeared on Gigi Lamayne’s POV podcast, where he reacted to Nota’s attitude. He shared that it would be the last time he talked about the music exec. He also warned Nota not to try what he did to Sol Phenduka and Stogie T on him because it wouldn’t end well.

He said, “This is the last time you will ever hear me talking about Nota, I’m done talking about Nota. I think I got to tell him though, is that whenever you see me, bro, don’t try what you did to Sol or Stogie T, it’s not gonna end good my guy, like I’m telling you, for the sake of everyone don’t try it, it’s not gonna end good. When you see me keep your peace; stay where you are, bro you understand, I’m not those people.”

Big Xhosa also previously warned upcoming artists never to share their problems with Nota Baloyi. He said, “Someone tell Nota get off my d*ck man and go get his back! Boy mad coz he couldn’t control me. He wanted to use me to fight his battles but I saw right thru his plan. Also to all artists out there dealing with this clown call Nota, never share your personal life with him. I knew things about AKA that I never asked for.”

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