Big Zulu Comments On Prophecy He Might Be Involved In A Bloody Accident

Inkabi Record boss Big Zulu has reacted to a recent “prophecy” that implied he might be involved in a bloody accident.

In a clip currently circulating online, a man alleged to be a prophet, David Uche, could be seen “prophesying” that he saw the “Ichwane Lenyoka” rapper in a bloody car.

In the clip, Uche said that he saw a musician inside a bloody car. He then went ahead to name the musician (Big Zulu) while also noting that he has been praying for him. He gave the timeline for the accident as between March and April.

He also had a few words to share about Somizi.

The clip of the prophecy apparently got to Big Zulu, for he commented on it, thanking the prophet for his prayers. He also noted that there are some things he has no control over. So, perhaps he would just live his life and see how things pan out.

Some social media users aren’t happy with the “prophet,” though. Some think that what he said was nothing more than an attempt to chase clout and that people should not take him seriously.

Well, the music industry has had many deaths already, and another is something we hope doesn’t happen.

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