Big Zulu Helps A Family That Lost Everything In A House Fire

SA Hip Hop star has lent a hand to help a family that lost all of their belongings in a house fire.

If you’re wondering why Big Zulu is so famous, it isn’t only because of the music. He is known to unite people together. He does it through his music and many entertainment moves.

Zulu also lends a hand to help people when he can. A few days back, he posted a video of some children and their family who lost everything in a house fire. He revealed he went to visit them after he heard they had lost all their belongings and did not even have food to eat and clothes to wear.

The “Mali Eningi” star took them shopping to buy clothes and groceries. He also spoke about finding them a new house to start afresh. Fans have taken to the comments to thank him for supporting the family. Shout out to him.

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