Big Zulu Lists His Top South African Rappers

Now and then artistes fellow entertainers who they think are the best in the game, invariably provoking debates about their choices. 

“Mali Eningi” star Big Zulu has just given a of his top 4 South African rappers. In a recent sit-down with on the set of his Podcast and Chills, the Inkabi Records boss was asked who his five favourite rappers are. 

Apparently Big Zulu could only think of four, and he named them straight: Zakwe, Kwesta, ProKid and YoungstaCPT. 

He then detailed why he thinks each is his faviurite. Big Zulu described Zakwe as his brother and one he has lived with. He said. Zakwe had not forgotten him for one day. 

He also described Kwesta as a brother and one he has lived with. They have had no problems whatsoever. 

In YoungstaCPT’s case, Big Zulu readily confessed he does not understand the Cape Town rapper but made it clear that he loves his flow. 

Of his four faves, the last, ProKid is late. He described the late ProKid as a hero not just to him but to the hip hop community generally. 

Well, who are your four favourite South African rappers? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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