Big Zulu On Respect & Social Media Abuse Media Abuse

Social media has often been described as a wild place, a leveller where celebs and ordinary folks alike are on the same spot, the same platform, and sometimes anything goes.

People are liable to say their minds, and sometimes what they say might pass for insult. So long as they are online and share stuff on social media platforms, there’s no ducking this reality.

South African rapper Big Zulu has just addressed the situation, noting in a recent post online that this game of insulting celebs is just not good. According to him, celebrities are like everyone else, with blood flowing in their veins.

They have feelings, too, but most times people insult them like they are not human. And the celebrities themselves sometimes have to keep quiet for one reason or the other. Left to him, he would rather things were not that way. You can check out his post below.

Big Zulu On Respect &Amp; Social Media Abuse Media Abuse 2

Those who know Big Zulu would not be surprised by his latest post, as the songster is pretty high on respect, a subject he has dwelled on several times previously.

It remains to be seen whether those he addressed in his latest post would listen to him. Stay tuned.

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