Big Zulu On The Fan Who Made A Haircut Of His Face On His Head

Some fans are so zealous that they would go to any length to show their devotion to their idols. This reality played out recently when a fan of Inkabi Records rapper sketched the rapper’s face on his head.

But how would react to such a show of devotion? Responding to the image, Big Zulu acknowledged the talent that had gone into creating the masterpiece, noting his desire to see the fan and the barber.

He ended up thanking his fans, collectively known as Inkabi Nation. You can check out his post below.

is one of South Africa’s best rappers, although it might appear like his name doesn’t buzz as much as the others. However, the “Imali Eningi” hitmaker is a favourite among the girls, too, with the likes of and heavily flirting with him.

With a fan sketching ’s face on his head, the songster joins the ever-burgeoning league of celebs whose fans will stop at nothing to show how devoted they are.

It remains to be seen when the rap ace will meet with the devoted fans and the barber and if he’d favour them somehow. Stay tuned, peeps.

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