Big Zulu Reacts After Being Bullied for Wearing Pricey Jacket With Tag On

SA Hip Hop star Big Zulu has reacted after being bullied for wearing an expensive jacket with the tag on to the Metro FM Music Awards.

One thing we have always known about Big Zulu is that he tends to avoid online drama. He makes music and chasing the bag his only focus. However, Zulu must have been hurt by the recent bullying he faced online that he took to social media to pour his heart out.

The “Umbayimbayi” star attended the Metro FM Music Awards on Saturday wearing a R15k leather jacket. Unfortunately for him, it had the price tag on, and fans were not impressed to see it. They slammed him online for being a show-off. Others claimed he left the tag on so he could return it.

Reacting to the bullying, he wrote, “Today, I’m opening up. It is difficult to be a musician.We always face insults, hate and are always insulted and called bad names on Twitter and Facebook.
“People are always on standby to attack us. In this industry, you don’t know your enemy and your friend.”

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