Big Zulu’s Imali Eningi Is First SA Hip-hop Song To Hit Over 4 Million Views In Less Than A Month

It’s a season of wins for Inkabi Records boss Big Zulu. His song “Mali Eningi” is the tune of the hour in Mzansi and has in fact been nominated for song of the year.

Actually the bigger milestone for the songster and his song is that “Mali Eningi” is the first South African hip hop song to reach over 4 million views in less than a month of release on YouTube.

Big Zulu shared the news with his fans on Instagram, tagging those who worked with him on the song. He also thanked fans who were instrumental to the song reaching such streaming numbers. If they hadn’t watched, he wouldn’t have obtained the record.

By the way, given the success of his “Mali Eningi” song, some fans have suggested he release a remix of the song. Others have asked him not to release a remix, arguing that remixes rarely do better than originals in Mzansi, except in rare circumstances.

A notable figure aginst remixing the song is Rashid Kay, who has worked with Big Zulu for a long time. A notable figure for remixing the song is the controversial music critic Nota Baloyi. He wants Big Zulu not to bungle the opportunity of milking the current national attention on “Mali Eningi.”

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