Billie Eilish Breaks New Record With James Bond Theme

Billie Eilish's new James Bond theme helps her break new record

Billie Eilish breaks new record with her recently releases James Bond theme, “No Time To Die”.

American star, Billie Eilish is winning and the whole world is watching her do that. She is by far the biggest pop star on the planet right now and no one can argue or deny that. Her debut album, “When All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Is still going strong on the charts and her released music is too.

New reports state that the teenage popstar has recorded a new milestone with her music. The recently released James Bond theme written and produced by the popstar and her brother Finneas O’Connor sold a record 90,000 units and scored 10.6 million streams in the U.K. Debuting at number one, it became the first James Bond theme to do so and the single with the biggest opening week so far this week. She is also the youngest artiste, 18, to record a James Bond theme song.

Recall that the singer has been sweeping awards left, right and centre, including her huge multiple wins at the Grammy Awards this year. We wonder what she will do next.

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