Billionaire Vivian Reddy Dismisses Death Rumours

Bad news can fly faster and farther than good news. This reality is all too glaring, and it isn’t limited to any particular country in the world. It is the reality everywhere.

On that count, it peryhsa[s shouldn’t be surprising when news broke of the death of South African billionaire Vivian Reddy, husband of the reality show star Sorish Naidoo.

Rumours of his death trended on YouTube.And while he appeared to have ignored them at the outset, or appeared unaware of them, He finally decided to address the claims about him having passed on.

In a post on his now-verified Instagram page, the businessman rubbished claims of his death, noting the rumours that he’d died were nothing more than the work of bored and sadistic individuals.

Interestingly, the rumours about his death still spread despite him having made a couple of public appearances. Maybe now that he’s formally denied being dead in a post, those peddling the rumours can finally rest? You can check out the post below.

Billionaire Vivian Reddy Dismisses Death Rumours 2

When the rumours initially started spreading about his death, many South Africans were aghast and conveyed their condolences to his “widow.”

Good news Vivian Reddy, popular billionaire and businessman, is alive and well.

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