Bishop TD Jakes Implicated In Cassie-Diddy Drama

The dram is over and yet not over. This paradox best describes the case between American rapper and entrepreneur Diddy and Cassie, with Bishop TD Jakes just recently dragged into the whole controversy.

Cassie had previously gone to town with claims that she was physically and sexually abused by Diddy. After initially denying the claims, and even accusing Cassie of trying to blackmail him, Diddy quickly settled the case and quiet prevailed. End of story, right? Not really.

In a new twist to the whole drama, a TikTok user with the name MYEi$HiA had claimed that Cassie had provided evidence to the FBI about the case, which also revealed that TD Jakes might be closer to the scene of the crime she’d accused Diddy of than initially suspected.

Allegedly, the celebrated bishop was a regular guest at Diddy’s NDA  (non-disclosure agreement) parties and had sexual relations with other men, some of whom might not be of age. Since the revelation was made, the internet has been abuzz, with people sharing their thoughts on it all.

However, the bishop himself, who reaches a global audience in the millions through his flourishing ministry, has yet to comment on the whole controversy. Depending on what follows, the revelation might impact his ministry one way or the other.

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