Black Coffee Addresses Estranged Wife Enhle Mbali’s Claims of Marital Abuse

The war between black Coffee and his estranged wife Enhle continues, with the latter insisting the celebrated DJ assaulted her.

Enhle Mbali, an actress, recently lost the protection order case she filed against Black Coffee. Disappointed by her losing the case, she had recorded a video of herself vowing to expose Black Coffee for he really is. She insisted the “Drive” assaulted her in their marriage.

Hitherto silent over her recorded video, Black Coffee, who had tweeted back in April that he did not assault her and would no assault her, having witnessed the tragedy of assault growing up, put up another statement amplifying that of April.

In a tweet on 7 May, he referenced his earlier tweet, stating that he had to speak out on Enhle Mbali’s claims in orde to correct the skewed narrative out there. He made known his faith in the judicial system.

Black Coffee and Enhle used to be seen as the ideal couple. Enhle Mbali had alleged infidelity on Black Coffee’s part, leading to her filing for divorce and making serious demands, some of which the court turned down.

Now and then, between the two, a war breaks out on social media. How long until they stop their social media war?

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