Black Coffee And DJ Angelo Release “Lost” Music Video, Featuring Jinadu

Black Coffee and DJ Angelo release a music video for their song “Lost” featuring Jinadu.

In case you’ve heard Black Coffee and DJ Angelo’s “Lost” featuring Jinadu, then you know what it’s all about. The slow House jam talks about feeling lost and not having a sense of direction. We must say, they came up with the perfect video to bring the song home.

Directed by Laura Marciano, the new music video features a group of children who are the main characters. Have you ever wonder what it would be like if children took care of themselves. Well, this might give you a glimpse of that. Just know it isn’t what you would expect.

The video starts out with the children waking up alone and getting dressed, unsupervised. They then walk the street in an army fashion but without a destination in mind. You’re going to love this. Check it out below.

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