Black Coffee Upcoming Single, “Ready For You” Featuring Celeste Announced

DJ is ready for you – or so he says in a soon to be released song. The songster announced the song himself in a recent Instagram post which has part of the lyrics from the song.

If you missed the post about the imminent song which is titled “Ready For You,” you can check it out below. It strikes us as some pretty interesting, this song which is going to features Celeste.

The song is already available for pre-save on and pre-add on Apple music and other streaming channels. You can pre-add or pre-save the song by following this link.

By the way, one wonders if this is just another song or a presage of a new relationship, having finally admitted ghis relationship with Enhle Mbali (ex-wife) is over. If Black Coffee should reveal a new crush following the release of the song, the world might guess or infer something. You should know what.

By the way, the star DJ and producer recently made history when a massive coffee mosaic of his visage was unveiled. The mosaic earned a spot on the Guinness Book Of ord Records. If you missed that story, you can check it out here.

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