Black Coffee Came For Euphonik Defence After Prince Kaybee’s Sub On Twitter

Black Coffee defends Euphonik from Prince Kaybee's sub

Black Coffee defends Euphonik after subs him on Twitter.

Black Coffee is a loyal friend as much as he is the biggest DJ in South Africa. The Mzansi star recently came to the defence of his friend, Euphonik after weighed in on his twar with financial advisor, Koshiek Karan.

had suggested that Euphonik did not know enough to argue with Koshiek on their matter. His exact words were that his knowledge about things was gotten from videos. He said it indirectly, using the word, “Celebrities”, instead of actually calling Euphonik out.

However, Black Coffee reacted to the tweet asking him if he is a celebrity. It’s quite obvious that Coffee was hinting at him being included in his allusions.

But, tweeps labelled Coffee a bully for asking Kaybee such a question, while some defended him for standing behind his friend. Well, if all goes well, we might have another twar in our hands. But that’s not very likely.

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