Black Coffee & Enhle Mbali In New Drama Over Alleged Abuse

It appears like another season of drama is here between celebrated international disc jockey Black Coffee and his estranged wife Enhle Mbali.

Once upon a time, to many South Africans, the two were the ideal couple, immersive in their appreciation of each other’s company. But then, along the line, cracks developed in the relationship, with Enhkle Mabli accusing her man of cheating.

She had also claimed that he was abusive to her, and filed for divorce, making some hefty financial demands.

Things appeared to have cooled down a bit until Enhle made an Instagram post recently in which she noted, without mentioning Black Coffee’s name, that he was abusive to her, but she has managed to stand tall in her “delicate strength.”

In a series of tweets, Black Coffee noted that he had an abusive father and that Enhle making false abuse claims against him was all shades of dark and irresponsible. He also noted that she is familiar with those who abused her and should face them and leave him alone

He also noted that the day Enhle accused him of abusing her left a void in his and his life will never be the same again.

He also appreciated those who have been showing him support.

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