Black Coffee Impresses Fans As He Joins “Dad vs Me” Challenge

Perhaps without meaning to, Black Coffee inspired many when he joined the “My Dad Vs Me” challenge.

In a recent tweet, the international DJ shared two pictures of himself. Picture one showed Black Coffee in suit, clutching a glass of wine (beer?) Picture two showed the “Drive” muso in informal wear, spotting sneakers amid a throng that waiting patiently for him to begin his set as a DJ.

Picture one he calls his dad and picture he calls me (himself). Fans were amused by this because both are the same person – the celebrated DJ and producer himself. Black Coffee’s explanation is that he looks up to himself.

Most of those who did the challenge did not use the pictures of their actually fathers but those of their celebrity heroes. Black Coffee followed a different path, and fans were impressed.

This isnt the first time he had impressed fans, though.he had impressed fans days back with his R7k t-shirt. Even Cassper, a rich muso himself, had spoken of how impressed he was.

What do you think of Black Coffee’s vision of the challenge? Are you as inspired by it as his fans? You might want to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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