Black Coffee Now Dating Sarah Langa?

In his novel Humboldt’s Gift, the American novelist Saul had stated that when the dear disappears there is another dear waiting near. This appears to be playing out right now in the life of celebrated disc jockey and producer Black Coffee.

The songster recently split with wife of several years Enhle Mbali over alleged infidelity on his part. Enhle Mbali had taken him to court, demanding what Black Coffee’s team had described as a hefty sum in alimony.

The divorce was fodder for the media for a long time but the news on the split is no longer making the rounds and Black Coffee is moving on with his life. Right now he is rumoured to be dating social media influencer Sarah Langa.

The two were reportedly spotted together in Durban last week enjoying each other’s company. However neither Black Coffee nor Sarah Langa has confirmed dating rumours.

Sarah Langa confirmed she knows Black Coffee but that’s only because they work in the same industry.

Well, if they are indeed dating, they cannot hide it forever. One way or the other, the truth will get out. Until then y’all gotta keep your eyes open and stay tuned for updates.  Yes?

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