Black Coffee On How He Escaped Being Boxed Into “World Music” Artist

Black Coffee opens up about how he escaped being boxed into a “world music” artist.

Black Coffee recently joined Nigerian Afro Beats star, and radio host, Ebro for a chat on Apple Music’s Miseducation Radio where he spoke about escaping the box of being considered a “world music” artist. According to him, artists from Africa are usually bottled up and classified as that.

However, he revealed he worked really hard to leave that circle and be seen as an all-round artist just like everyone else. According to him “we make the same music”. He revealed it didn’t matter what country or festival he was playing at, he constantly delivered in a way that it was impossible to keep him in that circle.

The Mzansi star is one of the world’s most renowned DJs. Coffee has performed various sets around the world and played a lot of festivals in various parts of the world. It is safe to say that he has achieved so much more than African DJs dream of.

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