Black Coffee Reacts As P. Diddy Celebrates Him In Video – Watch

A clip of American rapper and entrepreneur Diddy celebrating his South African counterpart Black Coffee has just popped online and Mzansi is celebrating that moment and what it meant.

The clip was shared by Thulani Ndaba and generated interesting reactions from South Africans, most of whom emphasized the importance of the Grammy-winning singer and DJ to South African music and the global music scene.

The clip got to Black Coffee and he reacted to it with a laughing emoji, as you can see below.

Black Coffee is one of the leading names in South African music and easily the most famous DJ of international standing from South Africa right now. His gigs are mostly international and his network is truly massive and impressive.

Among the figures he relates closely with are the Carters (Jay-Z and Beyoncé) and Drake. Diddy sharing some good words about him shows that the “Subconsciously” producer has got Diddy as a fan as well. Oh, really, many South Africans say he has been a fan of Black Coff long time. That shouldn’t be surprising.

At home, Black coffee is just as celebrated. Many look up to him and many express the desire to be like him. One of the producer’s hands is damaged but that has not stopped him musically.

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