Black Coffee recounts tragic 11 Feb. 1990 accident that almost killed him

Black Coffee remembers tragic accident that happened on 11 Feb 1990

South African DJ, Black Coffee remembers tragic accident that happened on 11 February, 1990.

If you’re a recent fan of Black Coffee then you may not know one of the most memorable stories in his life. Probably the most. The popular hitmaker was once involved in an accident that has stayed with him even 30 years after it happened.

While all of Mzansi celebrates 11 February as the day Mandela was finally released after 27 years behind bars, it is a bitter-sweet day for international DJ, Black Coffee. He was reportedly involved in a tragic accident that claimed two lives and made him lose use of his hand on the same day as Mzansi celebrated. He once detailed the accident in a 2017 interview on Real Talk With Anele.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, 11 February, he recounted the heartbreaking events of that day and thanked God for the gift of music. According to him, the music heals him first before he releases it.

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