Black Coffee Responds To Enhle Mbali’s Penned Note To Self

Enhle Mbali pens reassuring note to self and Black Coffee responds

Black Coffe responds to Enhle Mbali’s reassuring note to self.

We dont need to be told that Mzansi actress, and ex wife of Black Coffee, Enhle Mbali has been going through the most. Indeed it is always hard going through a divorce and recovering from a failed marriage.

The talented actress and her ex husband, Black Coffee shocked fans when news broke that they had split. Their divorce has been front page news for a while now. Now, she’s also revealed that she tested positive to the Coronavirus. How much can one poor soul handle? She and her ex husband trended yesterday after the star shared a really touching note to self.

In the post, she opened up about her heartbreaking journey in the last three years. It must have been the buildup to her divorce. The post got a lot of reactions from fans and celebs.


The last 3 years have been testing. Emotionally, physically and mentally. I have been through so many life changes and I’m greatfull as the universe continues to show me my greatness , even when it was being viciously striped away from me, and none existent finish lines were being drawn on the ground and removed just before I reach them, the spirit of hopelessness would knock at my door reminding me of my unhappiness. I had to have some real conversations with myself aon how ,why, I was forgetting me. I found the answers and when I did life began, 2020 was that year for me . People will loose it but this is my best year. Was listening to Jader and understood for the first time how we allow people to treat us the way they do, I have always known I am not a victim and don’t act the part,but now more than ever I understand no one else gives permission but yourself. People lie in your names sake. They will cheat, mistreat you , allow others to mistreat you only because you give them permission. I also tested positive for covid as careful as I am . They even make fun of me on set. Yesterday was the worst days, I was pretty sure my chest would give in , I gave myself permission to heal and also to ask for help . In that I got so much revelation to my third and final cleansing in my 30s allow me to introduce you to Enhle Mbali the girl I left and forget in her 20s , boo where have you been. Feels great😂 let’s get it. #EMPRESSENHLE🧲🧨🦠💉🧪🥇🥊🥋🍫🍬🍭🌶🌈🌍🌸🧚🏽. Sincerely yours Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa

It also got a reaction from Black Coffee who wrote “seek help… please“. No one knows if he meant well or not.

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