Black Coffee & Sarah Langa’s Dating Rumours Resurface

Rumours of Black Coffee and Sarah Langa dating have resurfaced again after it was established the two were in Miami at the same time. 

Sarah had flown in from Mexico to Miami on Wednesday and shared pictures on her social media channels. Black Coffee had done the same, provoking a fire of speculations theyre a couple. 

Months back, the two had been spotted together in Cape Town looking very cozy. They had reportedly started dating after a luncheon Black Coffee hosted. But Sarah Langa, a social media influencer, had denied dating the DJ at the time. Black Coffee himself has been quiet about the Rumours he’s dating her. 

But with the two happening to be in Miami at the same time, the dating rumours have resurfaced, with some fans insisting it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence. 

Well, how long until the two finally admit they’re an item? We can’t tell, but then our eyes are peeled for more news from the pair. You only have to follow our social media channels, subscribe to our newsfeed and stay tuned for the latest scoop.

Black Coffee and Sarah Langa are both divorcees. Of the two, Black Coffee apparently has the most acrimonious divorce. Well, what do you think? 

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